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Admission to a private school abroad is a long and complicated process. Parents who are faced with a similar task for the first time find it difficult to understand where to start and how to avoid mistakes. Which boarding school abroad to choose? When to apply for admission? How to prepare a child for an interview? Here are the most common mistakes parents make and tips on how to avoid them.

Submitting Documents to Only One School

Often, parents set a goalabroad study for themselves – to send their child to a prestigious school abroad, forgetting about the safety net and adequate assessment of the situation. The fact is that top educational institutions in the UK, USA, and Canada attract talented applicants from all over the world. Therefore they are distinguished by a great competition. Don’t bet on one single boarding school. Play it safe. Compare the different options available.

Over-Preparing (or Vice Versa) the Child for the Interview

One of the features of admission to a foreign school is the interview on campus or via Skype. The selection committee conducts a conversation with the child to determine his interests, motivation, and talents. Interview preparation is essential, but parents need to find a middle ground. First, it is worth paying attention to practice, i.e., teaching the child to talk about himself and keep calm.

Secondly, give him comprehensive information about a foreign school to understand why it is worth studying there. Avoid over-preparation. Do not write interview scripts or force the answers to be memorized. If a child at the interview recalls the “correct” phrases and is unable to tell about himself in understandable words, he will be nervous. Members of the admissions committee seek to get to know the applicant and not hear the answers.

Last-Minute Filing

Secondary education abroad begins with the submission of documents to the chosen school. How to get everything done on time? We recommend starting the selection of suitable schools abroad one year before the expected start date, i.e., summer or autumn. Once you have decided, proceed with the collection of documents in order to send an application for admission as soon as possible. Don’t wait for winter. Act quickly. Each school sets a specific deadline for submitting applications. Some accept applications until February, others all year round. In some top ranking prestigious schools abroad, there is a queue for admission. Check all these points in advance.

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